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Label Design for Vi Novell from Celler Masroig (XI)

I designed the label to be colorful and eye-catching, combining several bright colors and different styles of lettering. I believe this perfectly reflects the qualities of “Vi Novell,” a fresh, fruity, and honest wine with an intense and bright ruby color.

The vibrant colors and bold design of the label convey this freshness and liveliness.

The blocks of pastel and vibrant colors (pink, yellow, green, and blue) evoke the red fruits mentioned in the wine’s description, such as strawberry and cherry, suggesting a youthful and fruity flavor profile.

Additionally, the typography used, with large and varied letters, adds a touch of fun and originality, aligning with the candy notes and the lactic background.

This design also conveys a sense of softness and freshness, qualities present in the wine’s palate. The combination of different shapes and colors can suggest the elegant and velvety aftertaste.

In summary, I have tried to make the label not only visually attractive but also to capture the essence of “Vi Novell,” highlighting its fresh, fruity, and pleasant characteristics, making the product easily identifiable and memorable for consumers.

Thank you for accompanying me on this design journey. I hope you find my custom typeface design as inspiring as I found creating it!

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