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Lettering & illustration Design for Mesntrual Point

In this project, I have been able to combine the two things I love the most: my passion for creative design with a meaningful purpose.

Menstrual Point® aims to raise awareness in society about the need to ensure women have safe and dignified access to quality menstrual hygiene products.

For this project, I have created hand-lettered designs in both Catalan and Spanish, along with illustrations that convey the powerful and urgent message of Menstrual Point.

This design will be included in the welcome pack for participants in a popular race, providing us with a unique platform to reach a diverse and engaged audience.

We wanted to convey the importance of addressing this topic openly and without taboos, while highlighting Menstrual Point’s goal.

Client: Menstrual Point

Design: Marta Piedra

Lettering and Illustration: Marta Piedra