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Label Design for Vi Novell from Celler Masroig (V)

### Vi Novell Label Design Project

Welcome to the Vi Novell label design project! The goal of this project is to create a label that captures the essence of Vi Novell—an exciting, fresh, and youthful wine. Below, I will explain how each element of my design connects to the unique character of Vi Novell, as seen in the attached image.

**Understanding Vi Novell:**

Vi Novell is the first wine of the season, often celebrated for its freshness and vibrant character. It represents a blend of traditional winemaking techniques with a modern twist, making it perfect for contemporary wine lovers who appreciate a touch of history in their glass.


The label features bold and modern lettering that draws attention while maintaining a classic feel. This combination reflects Vi Novell’s balance between tradition and innovation.

 The customized typefaces are clean and striking, ensuring the name “Novell” stands out clearly and memorably.

Color Palette:

 The colors used are vibrant and dynamic, primarily focusing on red and blue hues. These colors evoke energy and freshness, perfectly mirroring the spirited nature of Vi Novell.
The combination of these colors provides a lively and fresh look, mirroring the energetic and youthful spirit of Vi Novell.

Risograph Effect:

-The risograph effect, characterized by its distinctive texture and vibrant colors, adds an artisanal and retro-modern touch to the label. This effect ties the design back to traditional printmaking techniques, emphasizing the handcrafted nature of Vi Novell.
 The use of this effect creates a tactile and visually engaging label that stands out on the shelf, much like Vi Novell itself stands out among other wines.

Background and Illustration:

The background features dynamic illustrations of grapes and leaves, which are traditional symbols of winemaking. These elements evoke the natural origins of the wine and celebrate the vineyard’s bounty.
 The illustrations are designed to complement the bold lettering, adding depth and interest without overwhelming the main text. They also create a visual narrative that ties the label back to the vineyard and the winemaking process.

Overall Aesthetic:

The overall aesthetic of the design is vibrant and modern, yet with a nod to traditional print techniques through the risograph effect. This blend of old and new perfectly encapsulates the essence of Vi Novell—a wine that honors its roots while looking forward to new beginnings.

My design for the Vi Novell 2024 label is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, much like the wine itself. The bold lettering, dynamic background, and the artisanal touch of the risograph effect all work together to create a label that is visually striking and representative of Vi Novell’s unique character. Each element of the design has been thoughtfully chosen to reflect the fresh, vibrant, and youthful spirit of Vi Novell, ensuring it captures attention and stands out in any setting.

Thank you for exploring my Vi Novell label design project. I hope this design brings as much joy and excitement to you as it did to me in creating it!

Thank you for accompanying me on this design journey. I hope you find my custom typeface design as inspiring as I found creating it!

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