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Label Design for Vi Novell from Celler Masroig.

This is one of my design proposals for the label of Vi Novell from Celler Mas Roig 2024. This design is deeply inspired by the fresh, fruity, and honest character of this wine, as well as the rich Catalan tradition it celebrates.

Design Concept

My design is based on the art of lettering, integrating a variety of typographies ranging from classic to modern and even abstract. This typographic mix symbolizes the duality of Vi Novell: a wine that honors its traditional roots while daring to innovate and surprise.

Stroke Style and Symbolism

The stroke style is similar to a sketch, perfectly reflecting the nature of Vi Novell as the first wine of the season. Just as a sketch is the first step towards a complete work of art, Vi Novell is the first step of the harvest, a promise of what is to come. This approach captures the freshness, immediacy, and authenticity of the wine.

Color Palette

I have chosen a vibrant and meaningful color palette: white, black, blue, orange, and yellow. Each color has a specific purpose:
– White and Black: Represents simplicity, elegance, and the contrast between the classic and the modern.
– Blue: Symbolizes the freshness and honest character of the wine.
– Orange and Yellow: Evoke the warmth and liveliness of the Festa del Vi Novell, as well as the fruity and candy notes present on the palate.

Typography and Composition

Regarding typography, I have used various styles to tell a visually dynamic and attractive story. The classic letters evoke the history and tradition of Catalan wine, while the modern and abstract letters reflect the innovation and carefree spirit of Vi Novell. This combination creates a label that is not only eye-catching but also has depth and meaning.

My goal with this design is to pay homage to Vi Novell from Celler Mas Roig, capturing its freshness, fruity character, and rich tradition, while celebrating its innovative and festive spirit. I hope this design resonates with you and reflects the charm and authenticity of Vi Novell.

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